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SDT-508Q type deacetylation hydrogen catalyst

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                                                   SDT-508Q type deacetylation hydrogen catalyst

Product introduction:

SDT-508Q type deacetylation hydrogen catalyst is mainly used in the removal of trace acetylene in ethylene in polyolefin production. The catalyst has good deacetylation selectivity, low ethylene loss rate, high activity, good stability, and low residual hydrogen content. Long life and other advantages.

Application areas:

Used in the polyolefin industry to remove trace amounts of acetylene in ethylene.

Main Specifications:                                                   

Technical performanceSDT-508Q type
Appearance shapegray-black spherical
Bulk density0.75±0.05kg/L
Mechanical strength≥50N/grain
application gasvinyl etc.
remove impuritiesC2H2
use airspeed500~5000h-1
Operating temperature30~120℃
use pressure0.1~6.0MPa
hydrogen to alkyne ratio3~5(mol ratio)
Deacetylation depth≤0.1×10-6 V/V
service life≥3 years


Packaging and storage method:

Plastic bags are packed in cardboard drums or iron drums, each with a net weight of 25kg, and placed in a dry place.


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