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SDT-616C type de-CO catalyst

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                                                  SDT-616C type de-CO catalyst

Product introduction:

SDT-616C type CO removal catalyst is mainly used in the removal of trace CO in ethylene or nitrogen in the industrial production of polyolefins. The catalyst has the characteristics of high CO removal depth, high mechanical strength, good selectivity (no side reactions such as addition and polymerization during ethylene refining), wide reaction temperature, convenient regeneration operation, and stable performance for multiple regenerations. The reaction principle is as follows:

    CO process:CuO + CO→Cu+CO2
                Cu2O + CO→2Cu+CO2
    regeneration process:4Cu + O2→2Cu2O
                2Cu2O + O2→4 CuO
Main Specifications:                                                   

Technical performanceSDT-616C type de-CO catalyst
Appearance shapeblack column
Bulk density1.45±0.1kg/L
Mechanical strength≥60N/grain
CO removal capacity15~25ml/g
application gasEthylene, nitrogen and other gases
Operating temperatureroom temperature~150℃(90℃optimal)
use pressurenormal pressure~7.0 MPa
use airspeed500~8000 h-1
CO content in feed gas≤50×10-6 V/V
CO2 removal depth0.1×10-6 V/V
service life≥3year


Packaging and storage method:

Plastic bags encapsulated in iron drums, net weight 50kg per drum, placed in a dry place.

Transportation, filling, storage:

This product needs to be moisture-proof and can not be in contact with other chemicals. When transporting and unloading, it is forbidden to roll.


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